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Morris Lakes

writer & editor

Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes was born in Harrisburg, PA and has a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University and an MFA from George Mason University. Her book, Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf, is out from Mason Jar Press. She has appeared in Always CrashingThe Rumpus, Cartridge Lit, Crab Fat Magazine, and SmokeLong Quarterly. She is one of two buds on The Smug Buds podcast. She works as an editor. Her name is a line of iambic pentameter.




"Brassica," EcoTheo, December 2021

"Artichoke," Gigantic Sequins, May 2021

"Fallow/Molder," Anthropocene, August 2020

"Enough:Too Much," Cordite Poetry Review, May 2020

5 poems from Ashley Sugarnotch & the WolfAlways Crashing, June 2019

"Ashley Sugarnotch Grows a Tomato" & "Ashley Sugarnotch Was the Runner," Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, May 2018

Five poems from Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf, Pioneertown Lit, December 2017

"Shock/Useless,"Crab Fat Magazine, September 2016

Three poems from Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf, The Birds We Piled Loosely, July 2016

"Falter Suite," cahoodaloodaling, July 2015

Patterning, a chapbook, Corgi Snorkel Press, Summer 2014

“I want to cut your hair,” Bone Bouquet, Spring 2013

"Lissa Kills the Snake” and “Greg and I Kill the Snakes,"Hot Metal Bridge, December 2012


"Touch Me," The Rumpus, April 2018

“Green Gamer,” Cartridge Lit, July 2017

“Consequence,” SmokeLong Quarterly, March 2016

Selected Reviews & Interviews

Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf

Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf is out from Mason Jar Press as of April 7, 2020. You can order it here!



Nothing now! But if you ask me to read to you I probably will. 


The Smug Buds

We'll explain everything to the geese. 

The Smug Buds is a podcast where Will and Liz trade off each week explaining something they're smug about. They met in college and have been explaining things to one another ever since. 


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